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„Naturheilpraxis in der Altstadt“ - the clinic in Munich´s heart
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In the following homepage I´d like to give you a first impression how you can support your health and condition with natural medicine. Of course a website can´t substitute the personal contact - so get in contact with us! The clinic is located in Neuhauser Str. 3 in Munich, right half way between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz (Stachus). The firt appointment takes usually 1 hour and takes place with an English speaking therapist in Munich.

Information about the typically used therapies in English language in the clinic:

What can you expect in the clinic for naturopathy?

The broad range of natural therapies is constantly growing. Generally my personal idea practicing naturopathic medicine is complementary to what your general or specialized doctor is doing. So I always try to include the existing therapy first and I´m usually effectivly completing it if possible with natural medicine: diagnosis, therapy and medication. I´m usually referring to traditional european therapies. A long tradition is most important, as a naturopath is taking over experiences from pervious generations of collegues.

Natural medicine has a long tradition

Naturopathy includes the oldest forms of medicine. Many therapies are several thousand years old e.g. cupping, herbal medicine, acupuncture. This well-tried knowledge we´re able to study today referring to latest medical standards but never failing to realize the human body is a whole system. So the treatment is rebalancing the whole system in a specific way.
Naturopath Roger Honikel

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