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Allergy treatment in the naturopathy practice in Munich

Allergies are the result of a unilaterally over-stimulated immune system.
This is the reason why hay fever and other allergies are treated from two sides in the natural treatment. On the one hand, the immune system is treated holistically with different methods (such as autovaccine therapy, intestinal rehabilitation, bioresonance therapy and thymus therapy) with the aim of bringing the immune system back into its natural balance. On the other hand there are also good possibilities during the allergic season or during acute problems to alleviate the symptoms gently and naturally (bioresonance therapy, traditional Chinese phytotherapy, ear acupuncture, implant acupuncture and with herbal medicines).

The therapy is holistically oriented and tries to treat the problem from its cause. As is generally the case with chronic diseases, you need some patience and as a patient you should follow the therapy consistently.

Allergies are a very big issue in the health care system and as alternative practitioners we do our part to help. Allergies can lead to serious secondary diseases. This can generally be prevented with an effective therapy. The conventional medical treatment by a doctor offers good help in acute cases. This can be well supported by biological medicines and natural therapeutic measures.

In a serious, acute allergy situation or acute allergic asthma, it is always necessary to seek medical treatment first. If the situation is stable, we as alternative practitioners can contribute to further improvement.

Especially the individual naturopathic treatment offers good possibilities to become active preventively. This is where the strength of naturopathic treatment lies.

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