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What is Horvi enzyme therapy?

Horvi enzyme therapy is a highly efficient therapy that uses enzymes specifically for certain diseases. Without enzymes an orderly metabolism in your body is not possible, so you are dependent on enzymes and the metabolic steps they mediate. An enzyme defect occurs due to a reduced or completely missing activity of enzymes, which can hinder healthy cell functions and thus cause diseases.

Use of the Horvi enzyme therapy

Certain natural toxins (including snake venoms) contain up to 50 types of enzymes of different composition with a corresponding variety of applications. From these natural poisons, a specialized pharmaceutical company extracts side effect-free drugs, which are used in highly diluted form for chronic pain, migraine, rheumatic diseases, gout, neuralgia, chronic kidney inflammation, asthma, multiple sclerosis, neurodermatitis, hay fever and other allergies as well as many other diseases. The best-known manufacturer of such enzymes is the HORVI company, which produces its Horvi enzyme preparations according to the original recipe of the founder of the therapy, Dr. Diesing.

Therapy plan for Horvi enzyme therapy

A treatment series comprises a varying number of sessions depending on the illness. I will be happy to give you detailed information about the individual procedure and to put together an individual therapy plan for Horvi enzyme therapy (HET) for you.

Further information about Horvi enzyme therapy in Munich

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