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Thymus therapy for strengthening your immune system in Munich

Thymus therapy is a method from alternative medicine to strengthen your immune system. With the procedure, which I offer in my practice in Munich, you can strengthen the body's own defense system. Thymus therapy is an organotherapy: thymus extracts are obtained from organs. Their production is subject to the German Drug Law. In my practice I use exclusively the high-quality preparations of the Arnika Pharmacy, Unterhaching.

Normally, the drugs used in thymus therapy are well tolerated. To be on the safe side, however, a test must be carried out before therapy to determine whether the foreign thymus peptides trigger an allergic reaction. The thymus peptides are injected subcutaneously, i.e. under the skin, or intramuscularly into the muscle. In a therapy series you will receive the thymus extract 2-3 times a week for a period of 1-3 months.

Fields of application of the thymus therapy

  • Support of the body's own defense system
  • Support of the immune system in viral diseases, also preventive
  • Autoimmune diseases - e.g. chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
  • Skin diseases - e.g. aphthae (defects of the oral mucosa), staphylococcal infections of the skin; candida infections (fungal infections)
  • Degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as arthrosis (wear and tear of joints); osteochondrosis (changes in the intervertebral cartilage)
  • Preventive against old age and weakness
  • Weakened infection defence due to stress overload
  • Allergic-atopic diseases - e.g. atopic eczema (neurodermatitis), bronchial asthma, to support normal immune function in allergies

In cancer diseases, thymus therapy is used before and during conventional cancer therapy to strengthen the immune system. The following goals are pursued:
  • Breakthrough of the therapy resistance for conventional cancer therapy
  • Improvement of the quality of life
  • Improvement of regeneration after conventional cancer therapy
  • Increasing the tolerability of conventional cancer therapy
  • Reduction of the side effects of conventional cancer therapy - e.g. nausea or hair loss
  • Reduction of metastasis (formation of daughter tumors)

The Thymus

The thymus is an important organ for your immune system. Thymus therapy builds on the natural function of the thymus gland. It controls the imprinting or maturation of immune cells. T-lymphocytes are defense cells that kill foreign bacteria in your body. During their passage through the thymus, the immune cells learn to differentiate between foreign and endogenous cells. Shortly after puberty, the thymus gland shrinks. People over 40 years of age have only a very small rest of the thymus gland. There seems to be a connection between the reduction in thymus function and age: With increasing age, the human being loses performance and becomes more susceptible to diseases. Thymus therapy counters this process by injecting thymus peptides into your body. Thymus therapy can support your immune system and increase your well-being. It is also used in the accompanying cancer therapy.

Questions and appointments for thymus therapy in Munich

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