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Implant acupuncture - a special form of ear acupuncture

Implant acupuncture is a modern development of ear acupuncture. Tiny implants are placed in the acupuncture points on your ear. After a few days, the implant grows into the point completely invisibly and achieves a permanent effect on the ear.

The implant acupuncture allows a permanent stimulation of all known points of ear acupuncture. Especially disease complexes such as chronic pain, neurological disorders like Restless Legs Syndrome, Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis can be treated successfully.

The treatment with implants can be used as a sole therapy or as a complementary therapy in combination with other therapy methods. Many orthodox physicians and alternative practitioners use the advantages of implant acupuncture as a complementary form of therapy.

Is implant acupuncture suitable for your clinical picture?

Your qualified therapist should decide together with you which form of therapy is suitable for you. Implant acupuncture is successfully used for many clinical pictures.

Therapy combinations and the therapeutic effect depend strongly on your individual clinical picture. Extremely good treatment successes are achieved with overweight, smoking cessation, allergies, migraine, RLS or Parkinson's disease. In naturopathic treatment, the focus of the disease is often also on permanent stimulation of the ear. However, the decision as to when implant acupuncture should only be made after a thorough anamnesis and diagnosis. Through regular further training in the field of implant acupuncture, I am able to provide you with expert advice and treatment.

Implant acupuncture provides a long-lasting, effective permanent effect in the sense of ear acupuncture. The intervention is minimal, the treated points are invisible and the implants are very well tolerated.

I would be pleased to advise you in detail on this topic.

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